Repeat Tests On PSD Officers, Criticism Of Militarized Response As Lanka’s Covid-19 Numbers Climb

Sri Lanka has earned the dubious honour of becoming the only country in the world to see its Coronavirus infection numbers increase sharply after nearly five weeks of islandwide curfew and questions are being raised about if testing during the shutdown was largely confined to high risk persons and security personnel attached to the Presidential Security Division and the Prime Minister Security Division.

Colombo Telegraph learns that even though President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s Office claims 21,000 tests have been conducted in Sri Lanka the truth behind the testing number is that most of these are repeat tests on security personnel attached to the PSD and officials coming into contact with the President and the Prime Minister on a daily basis.

President Rajapaksa suffers from a serious heart condition while Premier Rajapaksa has been showing signs of serious illness for over a year. Both men would be highly vulnerable if they contract the virus. As a result the Government has focused testing on the two top citizens and their immediate circles.

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