Working from home – The new normal?

Covid-19 shows how vulnerable we remain to pandemics, which will be quite common in the future. Even though a vaccine is found, similar self-replicating pathogens will become a major threat to humanity. Therefore practicing working from home even under normal circumstances at least few days a week will bring in the self-discipline and the mindset shift required to work from home during crisis situations. 

There is much debate on how productive working from home is, and how suitable it is in a Sri Lankan context. How will different generations look at it, can we resort to working from home even under normal circumstances and what are the common distractions people face when working from home are few areas I intend to cover in this article.

Looking at the last 30 days, I have personally managed to stick to a routine and work productively while giving attention to my family and fulfilling the parental responsibilities. Initially it was difficult. As Aristotle once said “man is by nature a social animal”; we depend on diverse social interactions. However it’s important to progress from denial to acceptance as remote working will undoubtedly be the new norm. 

Working from home also gives many benefits to employers. Telecommuting can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and save money. You can hire the best of the best while not limiting yourself by geographical restrictions and engage in project based recruitment based on demand. This will reduce the long term commitment by both employer and employee which can also cause certain challenges in keeping people motivated. 

The following article was done based on a survey conducted among a cross section of the working population in Sri Lanka representing different generations. Different generations and genders have different sentiments on working from home and it is interesting to understand the underlying reasons behind those sentiments. 

How productive is working from home? Millennials displaying strong sentiments

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