Anyone who commemorates LTTE will face arrest – senior military officer


By Dinasena Ratugamage

All those who attempted to commemorate the dead LTTE cadres, on the pretext of remembering civilians who had died during the war, would be arrested, a senior security forces officer said yesterday.

The officer said that all possible sites of such commemorations were under surveillance. Security, too, had been beefed up in those areas. Photos of dead LTTE cadres, LTTE uniforms or flags would not be allowed at any event.

The top officer, however, said the people had the right to commemorate civilians who died in the war. Those events too should be held according to health guidelines.

“Under these circumstances, people cannot gather in large crowds and hold meetings.

Those who do it too will be arrested. Those who gather must maintain a distance of a metre between each other, wear face masks and food and beverages will not be allowed to be distributed. Police, health officials and STF have been deployed to arrest those who violate these laws.”

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