Cooking the votes Wimal style

With various discussions regarding elections and the manner in which the polls should be conducted in times of a pandemic, Minister Wimal Weerawansa has come out with a new idea.

During a programme with a state-run TV channel this week, he spoke of an invention where ballot papers in a ballot box could be placed in a special basket and thereafter heated for 20 minutes at a certain temperature at which the virus can be destroyed.

“We don’t have to do it to all ballot papers. We only need to use the device to heat ballot papers at polling stations in areas where COVID-19 is prevalent,” the minister said.

Many asked whether Mr Weerawansa was proposing to “cook” ballot papers. Some wondered how much the device would cost, while others wanted to know if it could also be used to cook various types of food. Even Opposition politicians joined in.

There was no word whether the EC had reached out to the Minister regarding the invention he claimed to know about.

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