Which countries helped the Sri Lankan government in the Sri Lankan civilian war 2009?


The Indian government’s support for Tamil Eelam died with Indira Gandhi. While the IPKF disaster and Rajiv Gandhi assassination killed any shattered remnants of sympathy the Indian government may have had with Eelam Tamils. The Indian government was just as big of an enemy to the LTTE as the Sri Lankan government, the difference is India is incredibly influential worldwide unlike Sri Lanka which has very little influence. If India had supported the LTTE from start to finish, Tamil Eelam would be an independent state.

India’s two primary fears of Tamil Eelam were: 1. Tamil Eelam independence may lead to Tamil Nadu independence, if that happens, it would hurt India economically and geopolitically 2. Tamil Eelam, as a de-facto state, proved to be incredibly militarily and technologically advanced compared to other separatists groups and de-facto states worldwide. Prabhakaran made it clear he would not work for India’s best interests, as such, Tamil Eelam, given its advancement, may have become as military structured as Israel and architectural prosperous as Singapore. The success of the state, exemplified through its brief success during the ceasefire(2001–2006), may have lead to Eelam being allied with other foreign powers, possibly enemies with India, engulfing their influence in the region, hence, alienating India’s. (Note*: China’s grip on Sri Lanka was India’s fear with LTTE) India, post-1991, had begun consistently aiding Sri Lanka economically and militarily. During Eelam war 3, as the LTTE saw a series of victories, India became Sri Lanka’s biggest military trading partner and economic subsidizer.

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