Order to print ballot papers: Hoole perplexed

Member of the Election Commission (EC) Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole said he was unaware as to why the Government Printer had been instructed to print ballot papers.

“Since there was no clear date set for the election, I feel it is a bit premature to order the printing of ballot papers.

What if the nominations are cancelled and need to be recalled? There are many possibilities, so must wait and see how the Supreme Court (SC) rules,” he told The Sunday Morning.

On Thursday, the media reported that Chairman of the EC had given directives to the Government Printer’s office to print ballot papers.

Prof. Hoole said the SC proceedings must conclude first.

“There is no date set. We must await the ruling given by the Supreme Court as the cases being heard are fundamental rights petitions challenging the very same issue – he date of the election on 20 June,” He added.
By Skandha Gunasekara

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