Ex Prez Maithiri was stopped in his tracks by the Election Commission

Two weeks ago we had The Island cartoonist Jeffrey having ex-Prez Sirisena moving stealthily forwards with a sack thrown over his shoulder. He was on a Santa gifting mode proceeding to his father’s adopted home and therefore his, and come August 2020 his electorate. So he was going to address voters if not en masse at least in small groups to tell them what benefits, perks and blessings he had brought them as the President in 2015 -19 of the Democratic Socialist (Yahapalana) Republic of Sri Lanka. (Goodness what a mouthful; Cass is breathless just saying the long name for this tiny dot of an island).

And now even as ex Prez his bounty was to be gifted, this time as scholarships to 360 students selected to universities from the Polonnaruwa District. But here’s the crunch: this ex Prez was stopped in his tracks by the Election Commission that wears the mantle of supreme power during this election period. The crucial question is: was he distributing his own money? However the shadow of suspicion was cast by the conjecture that the magnanimous scholarships could be camouflaged bribes for votes.


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