Workers still live under colonial standards.

Jeevan Thondaman (25) was nominated to be the Nuwara Eliya District candidate at the upcoming General Election after his father, Arumugan Thondaman, leader of the Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC), suddenly passed away at the age of 56. 

Q Your educational and professional qualifications?  

Bachelor of Laws – University of Northumbria, UK

Q Why should people vote for you other than for being the son of Arumugam Thondaman?  

I may be the son of whoever. But, at the end of the day, people need to accept me for who I am. I am fortunate to have support from the elderly, children and as well as the youth. I have also given them the right to question me on anything. However, if they don’t like me, my principles and my politics, they won’t vote for me. If the people believe that I would solve their problems, they will vote for me  

Q If more and more sons and daughters of top politicians get tickets, how do you think self-made young politicians can join?  

I don’t think it is easy for daughters and sons of politicians to join politics. In Asia, the culture of family politics, has existed for centuries. But, if you notice, not all the political families have been successful. Some heirs of political families have failed because people have rejected them. In my case, I never even came to a political office when my father was alive. I decided to listen to people’s and my party’s requests after my father’s demise. As I said earlier, if people up-country did not like me, they would have rejected me despite me being the son of their leader.

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