13th Amendment was given to us by a foreign power by force and the entire Constitution has to be overhauled!

The SLPP is demanding a two-thirds majority at the August Poll, to introduce new amendments to the Constitution. What are these new amendments that you propose to introduce?

A: The Constitution that was formed in 1972 did not last that long. The 1976 Constitution that was changed by JR also became a radical one. That Constitution was created based on the Executive Presidency. That constantly underwent changes during various Governments. The biggest such change was the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. That was not established by even the politicians. That was given to us by a foreign power by force. Then, till up to the 19th Amendment to the Constitution several plasters had been pasted on this Constitution. Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, who was in that Committee which proposed that Amendment, is now claiming at public rallies, that the 19th Amendment that had been finally adopted is not what they had formulated initially.  We are of the concerted view that the entire Constitution has to be overhauled.

Isn’t it your task to enlighten the masses before the Poll on what these new Amendments, that you intend to introduce to the Constitution, are?

A: We have already alluded to it, but we cannot explain everything at public rallies. Especially a new Constitution that guarantees a unitary State has to be enacted with the necessary changes to the current electioneering system. And this has to incorporate all ethnicities living here. First and foremost the franchise of the people has to be guaranteed through the formulation of a new Constitution.


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