Hate speech could lead to election violence



National coordinator of the Center for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) Manjula Gajanayaka, addressing the media, yesterday, voiced his concern about the increase in hate speech within the past few days. He said incendiary words uttered by leaders of political parties or posed on social media could result in pre-election as well as post- election violence.

Gajanayaka said the CMEV was more concerned about intra party battles over preferential votes.

He said that the CMEV would be issuing a statement in that regard requesting party leaders and contestants to mind their words and ensure that there would be no violence before and after the election.

Every vote mattered, said Gajanayaka, calling upon the government and Public Health Inspectors to settle the  issues between them and ensure that all voters under self-quarantine were enabled to exercise their franchise.

Gajanayake said that campaign finance in the first two weeks had exceeded 700 million rupees and it was likely to double within the next few days.

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