Gota-Mahinda-SLPP will NOT win a 2/3 majority.

By Kumar David –

Prof. Kumar David

The risk in an article to be uploaded a day or two before the results come rolling in, is that my assumptions may be blown away by the outcome. However, the assumptions in this instance are universally believed to be true and readers will forgive everybody if everybody is wrong! These unanimous assumptions are:

1. The SLPP will win a parliamentary majority and form the next government

2. Gota-Mahinda-SLPP will not win a 2/3 majority.

I make no assumptions about three other issues; sharing of UNP seats between Ranil and Sajith, performance of the NPP-JVP, and thirdly the division of seats between the TNA and other Tamil parties. I don’t need predictions about these for the purpose of today’s column as I will touch on just two different matters; the headlong rush to authoritarianism and militarism, and buying MPs or political parties to secure the elusive 2/3.

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