Tamil diaspora extend support to TNA

The Global Tamil Forum has called on all Tamils to cast their precious vote wisely at the forthcoming Parliamentary Election in Sri Lanka.

The GTF in a post published by the Canadian Tamil Congress said the Tamil people’s struggle for democratic rights in Sri Lanka has a long history and since independence the desire of Tamils to live as a free people has not been diminished by the many setbacks and the tests of endurance faced by Tamils in their onward march for justice, dignity and equality.

“The manner in which the Tamils of Sri Lanka fought for liberty underwent many changes over the decades. In the beginning the Federal party led the Tamil struggle with a programme of non-cooperation with the State based on the Ghandian model. The conspicuous lack of success of the non-violent movement to win equal rights led to an armed struggle that escalated into a 30 year civil war with the Sri Lankan state,” CTC post said.

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