With power comes great responsibility

At the August 5 general election, the people gave the president and his Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) a landslide victory, which together with their political allies, gives the present regime a healthy 2/3rds majority.   
Prior to the general election, the president and his party made changing the constitution, more particularly the 19th Amendment to the Constitution its main campaign slogan. They called on voters to give them a 2/3rds majority to be free to make the necessary changes without having to depend on minority parties.  

The people responded. The SLPP received an absolute majority, just five seats shy of the 2/3rds majority they sought. However the votes garnered by the parties in alliance with it, have provided the necessary five seats. The SLPP is therefore now able to change the constitution to its own image and likeness.   
While emphasising the need to change the constitution, the SLPP however was not specific about what other changes it had in mind, besides the changes to the 19th Amendment..  It is clear the therefore, that though the masses backed the call of the president and the SLPP on the need to change or to do away with the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, members of the public had scarcely any idea of what exactly the president and his party wanted to change.   


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