Ranil to enter legislature through National List

By Upatissa Perera

The UNP is planning to name its Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as its National List Parliamentarian to the Ninth Parliament, sources from Sirikotha, revealed yesterday (20).

A proposal mooted by a sizeable number of UNP Members attached to its Working Committee (WC) that Wickremesinghe should be nominated as its National List MP to the Legislature is set to be further mulled by a group of Party seniors today (21).

The Party General Secretary has already sought a seven-day period to name the Party’s national list pick to Parliament. Sources said that by all accounts, Wickremesinghe’s name will be proposed to fill the Party’s National List seat in the House.

Majority of the WC Members had been of the view that Wickremesinghe should be nominated to the National List as he has vast political experience and could counter any pro-Government moves in the Legislature, on behalf of the country and the UNP.

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