Which way Sri Lanka?

This ‘new dawn’ was scripted by a Sinhala-majoritarian political party, the SLPP, whose leaders, in an earlier avatar, were notorious for human rights violations during the debilitating war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam that ended in 2009. The Tamils were at the receiving end of this war, caught between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lanka Army, which progressed by culling anyone standing in its path.

In his analysis of the Sri Lankan elections, Alan Keenan, senior consultant, International Crisis Group, said: “The explicitly pro-Sinhala and anti-minority rhetoric of the SLPP’s campaign, the Rajapaksas’ demonstrated commitment to centralised and authoritarian rule and the comprehensive defeat of the political voices supporting a more liberal, pluralist and tolerant vision of Sri Lanka, together threaten to entrench a more dangerously intolerant form of majoritarianism than Sri Lanka has seen before.”


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