First move is to rectify issues in 19A: SLPP

First and foremost move of the government in making constitutional changes would be to rectify the issues arisen from the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Chairman Professor G.L. Peiris today said.

Speaking at a news briefing held at SLPP head office, Minister Professor Peiris said the 19A is a cursed piece of legislation detrimental to the economic development, the security and the democratic culture in the country.

“The 19A has been a great obstacle for economic revival. Especially in the post-COVID-19 period, we need to bring in investments by instilling confidence. However, the 19A has so far played as a barrier in boosting confidence in investors. During the Yahapalana Government, the PM appointed a cabinet sub-committee to make decisions and then inform the cabinet. The president was not satisfied with this and abolished the economic subcommittee. He created another body appointing those loyalists but later on, he removed these officials as well. Any investor who witnesses these developments will not hesitate to withdraw their investments,” Minister Peiris said.

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