Government moves towards self-driving cars in UK

  • Consultation from August to October marks first steps
  • Motorways only, but ‘hands-off’ control
  • Issues include insurance liability and emergency procedures

We would say ‘if’ passed, but one way or another, this is going to happen. The systems are already in place in many premium cars, and the rest of Europe is pressing ahead (despite EU membership having often been held up as a barrier to these systems). Once in place, you will be able to legally switch on the ALKS system on the motorway and the car will proceed along the desired route at up to 70mph, reacting to traffic, speed limits, restrictions and weather conditions as the technology allows.

If the ALKS technology isn’t up to the prevailing conditions, or suffers a fault, it will require the driver to take over, but as long as it’s all working you will be legally able to read, relax, listen to podcasts, make phonecalls and otherwise act as a passenger – albeit a passenger who is required to be ready to take control of the car at any time.

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