Tamil Nationalism Has Not Failed; It Is In Hibernation!

By C.V. Wigneswaran –

Justice C.V. Wigneswaran

Someone asked me: What is your take on the results of the Election in the North and East? Have the Tamil Nationalists failed?

My response was: Certainly not. Tamil people have reacted to the selfish policy-less behaviour of the TNA. The erstwhile TNA votes have got divided mostly among the three parties – TNA, Cycle party and us. Some have shown their disapproval of the TNA by voting to the State favoured parties. Many who so voted felt obliged to repay those who helped them with “goodies” at various times.

These voters’ votes were bought by such candidates. One MP who bought votes at the previous 2015 Election is credited to have said when questioned why he did not respond favourably to his voters’ several demands- “Remember I bought their votes. I owe no duty to them. When the next Election comes I will again buy their votes! I must now concentrate upon making back the money I gave them”.

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