All-powerful Executive returns via 20A

  • Executive powers reduced by 19A back with 20A
  • Only term limit of five years and two-term limit for President will remain
  • CC to be replaced with Parliamentary Council with diminished powers
  • Restrictions on number in Cabinet, junior ministers removed
  • Dual citizens can sit in Parliament, urgent bills too will make a comeback
  • Procurement, Audit commissions will be abolished, 7 others commissions will remain
  • President will have powers to appoint members, make other crucial appointments

By Chandani Kirinde

The 20th Amendment (20A) will restore all Executive powers of the President which were scaled down by the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, replacing the Constitutional Council with a weakened Parliamentary Council (PC), allowing dual citizens to sit in Parliament, and lifting restrictions on the number of Cabinet and junior ministers.

The President’s powers to dissolve Parliament after one year of its election, which was increased to four and half years under the 19th Amendment (19A), will be restored, while appointment of members to the Elections Commission, the Human Rights Commission, and five others will be made by the Executive.

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