As a nation we have failed to Deliver Justice to the Disappeared

  • Once bodies are buried underground you do not know what happens to them
  • There was partial justice, but not full justice. There was only reparation, but no punishments
  • We are more tribal than feudal as a society. We keep re-electing family members
  • We are lacking the rule-of-law because the law is not equally applied to every citizen of this country
  • Vengeance may also be drawn simply because individuals are members of a particular community

Human rights issues related to enforced disappearances in Sri Lanka still continue. The grievances and the anxieties of those loved ones of the disappeared due to the ‘88-89 insurgency and the three-decade-long separatist war exist to this day. In this context Daily Mirror spoke to human rights activist and award-winning filmmaker Dr Visakesa Chandrasekaram to discuss his latest film ‘Paangshu’ and the wider issue of disappearances and the justice system in Sri Lanka.   

 Q  What inspired you to make this movie?

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