How Have I Provoked Anyone?

By C.V. Wigneswaran –

Justice C.V. Wigneswaran MP

Someone asked me; Justice Wigneswaran! you have been a Supreme Court Judge. You have been a Chief Minister. You were much respected during the time you held these offices. After becoming a Member of Parliament you have suddenly become provocative. Why? Are you getting ready for the Provincial Council Election?

My answer was; I am amused! How have I provoked anyone? I simply made a statement which is a historical truth like saying the Buddha was born a Hindu. However much you argue you cannot prove Buddha was a Buddhist. He was born a Hindu. So too the language of the original inhabitants of this Island was Tamil. It cannot be otherwise since the Sinhala language came into being only around 6th or 7th Century AD. It is said by certain Sinhalese that Buddhagosha translated Athakatha in Sinhalese to Pali around 4th or 5th Century. That must be false since there was no Sinhala language at that time. If the Sinhala book was translated to Pali where is the Sinhala original? My understanding is when Bhikku Buddhagosha was collecting information from all and sundry regarding principles and practices of Theravada Buddhism he translated certain Prakrit language literature into Pali. There was no Sinhala Athakatha which was translated. There has been much prevarication up to date with regard to the history of the Sinhalese and their language.

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