Any attempt to remove 13A will be grave error … Sumanthiran

Tamil National Alliance Spokesperson Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran has observed that any attempt to remove the 13 th Amendment would be grave error.

He made this observation speaking to the Sunday Times. Sumanthiran said: 

“It would be the biggest mistake if the Government abolishes 13A. It is based on a bilateral agreement signed with India. This was signed to provide solutions to issues of the Tamils.

We understand sections in the government are campaigning to abolish 13A which provides for the Provincial Council. That would be a grave error the Government will be making.

Provincial Council system in the North and East was non-functional for a long period, but in the other provinces the PC system was working.

In the other provinces, there have been no calls for the abolition of the Provincial Councils. We will totally oppose any move by the Government to scrap 13A and the Provincial Council system.”

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