What do the Tamils want?

N Sathiya Moorthy

As with all post-war elections especially, the nation’s Tamil community remains confused – as much as what they want of the Sri Lankan State system as whom to vote for. Their political leadership(s) are divided and guilty, but neither seems to have touched them or the captive sections of their declining constituencies.

Topping the list of course is the TNA, whose parliamentarians met and repeated one more time their vague demands and vaguer posturing one more time. They want to negotiate with main presidential candidates, but are already resolved against Gota Rajapaksa. Yet, Mahinda R has named leftist leader Tissa Vitharana, the famous author of the infamous ‘APRC Report’ on power-devolution, to talk to the Tamils on his behalf. EPDP’s Douglas Devananda, after a meeting with Gota R, says he is the only candidate the Tamils should vote for if they want a political solution, and that the latter has promised something closer to the moon. Neither has said that where that moon is located, in the mind or in a more material way – not that either of them used the term in their conversation or public statements.

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