What is wrong with the Tamil polity…

By N Sathiya Moorthy

It is anybody’s guess why Erik Solheim chose to speak one of his irregularly regular outpourings just now. However, the one-time Norwegian peace negotiator’s assertion that the Diaspora Tamils misled LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran should be worth recalling, for current and future generations of Tamils to remember – unless of course, ideological LTTE remnants, nearer home and abroad, want to brand Solheim as traitor as Prabhakaran had all but done with his one-time deputy Mahattaya and later, political advisor, Anton Balasingham.

Solheim’s current intervention, though unintended, should contextualised to the state of Tamil politics and society in the country. Through the parliamentary polls this year, the new generation Tamil voter has given the impression that he is tired of all thoughts of war full ten years down the line. But vocal sections of the Tamil political old guard, having won parliamentary representation for the first time after the war, which continue talking about ‘rights’ more than livelihood, too is allowing itself to be fed by the Diaspora – and is feeding them in return.

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