20A continues to dominate political arena

  • Basil adopts wait-and-see attitude while MR says no retirement
  • SLFP experts’ panel to make proposals to 20th Amendment
  • SJB launches 19A+ campaign to safeguard democracy
  • Ruwan gathers momentum; continues to lead UNP leadership race

The draft 20th Amendment to the Constitution has stolen the spotlight from all other political discussions these days. Clauses of the proposed piece of legislation are being dissected.

One of the key topics has been the return of the all-powerful executive presidency created by the late J.R. Jayewardene in 1978.

However, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa last week addressed the issue of the 20th Amendment by making a statement on the matter.

The President addressed the concerns raised by the Opposition during a meeting with state ministers held at the Presidential Secretariat.

President Rajapaksa said the objective of the 20th Amendment was to remove the obstacles imposed by the 19th Amendment and move forward.

“Everything cannot be changed overnight. It takes a long time. Various views have been expressed. We want to retain some of the features of the 19th Amendment. The primary objective is to keep the tenure of the President unchanged and to move forward,” the President has observed.

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