Did the people really vote for a constitutional one-man show?

Sometimes it is hard to believe that not even six years ago the late Venerable Sobitha Thera had given  fiery voice to the war cry ‘Down with the Executive Presidency,’ and had stirred, inspired and galvanised the people into battle to bring down President Mahinda Rajapaksa from his presidential throne and drag his draconian 18th Amendment to the dust.

And today, it is even harder to believe that it is these  same people who had so overwhelmingly voted this year not only to restore the executive presidency to its own 18th Amendment empowered state but to further arm and fortify it with even more executive powers which will make the occupant of that high office, the sole repository of all power.

But had they? They may have voted last year for a change of President and voted last month for a change of government but had they exercised their precious franchise to rearm the executive presidency they had voted to see wings clipped in 2015?


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