UK Human Rights Counsellor questions Sri Lanka’s ‘commitment to transitional justice’

Following the report of UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, Pablo de Greif, the UK Human Rights Counsellor, Matthew Forman, expressed ‘concern’ and ‘profound disappointment’  over Sri Lanka’s progression on transitional justice.

In the statement, Forman reiterated the UK’s “profound disappointment” at Sri Lanka’s decision to withdraw support for resolution 30/1.

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The UK Human Rights Counsellor also expressed concern over Sri Lanka’s inability to tackle accountability; as he states, there is a “lack of meaningful progress on emblematic cases which embody the struggle of so many victims of conflict”.

He further notes scepticism towards Sri Lanka’s proposed “domestic” process towards transitional justice; stating, “previous domestic mechanisms have failed to deliver meaningful justice and accountability”.

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Forman also raises concerns over the increasingly hostile environment for civil society actors and human rights defenders. He maintains that there is “continued instances of surveillance, harassment, and intimidation by security forces”.

This reports of abuses from government security forces, he states, “call into question the Government’s stated commitment to transitional justice”.

Read the full UK Human Rights Counsellor statement here.’s-‘commitment-transitional-justice’

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