‘Tamil MP’s who split and contested the election’ was the master piece of Rajapakshe!

An operation has been launched to unite all Tamil MPs in the current parliament into one organization. Political sources say that discussions are underway regarding this.

But Dougles, Pillayan, Viyalendran and Angajan Ramanathan, the first ever Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) MP elected from the Jaffna electorate will not join and they will work for the Rajapakshes and support the 20th amendment.

It has also been proposed to name the new organization ‘Tamil Parliamentarians’ Union’.

It is reported that the Tamil National Alliance, the Tamil National Front, the political parties representing the Tamil people in the North and East and the Tamil Progressive Alliance based in the plantation and western provinces have participated in the discussions to work as a single organization. However, they are still in talks to work together in parliament.

Political parties that previously represented the TNA contested in the last election in three main groups and as a result the TNA lost its previous representation in Parliament by a few seats. The main reason for the splits in TNA are believed to be the master piece of Rajapakshe’s.

Rajapakshe’s secretly promised Dougles, Karuna, Pillayan, Viyalendran and Angajan Ramanathan a political package if they win the election. but since the victory no word has been said about the promised political package and they will NEVER implement a political package.

Rajapakshe is famous for his promised 13+ amendment which he never implemented after he won in 2010.

India’s longstanding position on peace and reconciliation and the full implementation of the Thirteenth Amendment of the Sri Lankan constitution which had created elected Provincial Councils in the nine provinces of the island nation with a modicum of devolved powers. The 13A came as a result of the India-Sri Lanka Accord of 1987. Though elected councils came into being, the powers that they should have got as per the 13A have not been devolved. Powers over land and police are still not dissolved.

There has been speculation that the government of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa will abolish the 13A as part of their plan to centralize the administration.

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