Who was the intelligence officer who went to meet the terrorist half an hour before the Dehiwala blast?

Former IGP Pujith Jayasundara testified for the third day yesterday (24) that the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Easter attack had yet to uncover many undisclosed facts.

Accordingly, Jayasundera requested the Commission to find out who was the intelligence officer who went to meet the terrorist about half an hour before the bomb was detonated at the Dehiwala Tropical Inn lodge belonging to the series of attacks.

“Where was that Islamic terrorist named Jameel who was about to detonate the bomb?” What happened at the Tropical Inn lodge? What did he do there? Did he Explode it? Or did it explode by accident? Who was the intelligence officer who met him about half an hour before the attack? ”The former IGP stated that there are further matters that need to be revealed.

Accordingly, the CID is conducting further investigations, he said.

However, Pujith Jayasundara testified before the Commission that he was under a great deal of stress during his tenure, especially due to the actions of former President Maithripala Sirisena.

Pujith Jayasundara testified that the former President had instructed the police to stop open investigations into Islamic extremism in early 2018. The former IGP said that it had not been received as a written order and that the situation had made it very difficult to make decisions regarding the incidents.

The commission questioned whether you had ordered the CID to conduct an investigation despite the President’s order not to do so. In reply, Jasundara accepted it. He said that although open investigations were stopped under a presidential order, secret investigations were carried out.

Pujith Jayasundara also responded to the Director of the State Intelligence Service, Nilantha Jayawardena, testifying before the Commission about the shortcomings in their resources.

The former IGP said that he had identified the information received by him on April 09 as a strong information and that he was aware that it should be referred to senior officers and action should be taken. He said there was no state of emergency at the time and there were no security barriers.

When the information was received, he said that he had informed his senior officers, M.A.R. Latif, Nandana Munasinghe, Priyalal Dasanayake and Waruna Jayasundara to take necessary action and that he had also informed the senior provincial officials.

Jayasundera said that the matter should have been kept secret without the knowledge of the public and that he was aware that if it was made public there would be a big uproar and that necessary arrangements had been made at the official level.

He testified that if it was not so, it would be his own officials who would be blamed and even the political leadership.

Meanwhile, the former IGP said that the state intelligence service was passing on the information of others and they did not have any specific information regarding it.

Former IGP Pujith Jayasundara further stated that the last thing that happened was that he and the former Defense Secretary were charged with murder without any recommendation from the CID.

Further hearing of Mr. Pujith Jayasundara adjourned to the 28th.

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