Is Former Justice C.V. Wigneswaran – Member of Parliament, an extremist, separatist and a terrorist?

Are you an extremist, separatist and a terrorist? 

Reply: By nature I cannot be an extremist, separatist nor a terrorist. I love humanity. I love all beings. There are no White and Blacks, Westerners and Easterners, Chinese and Indians, Sinhalese and Tamils in my perception. They are all humans. But I also love Truth. Anyone prevaricating Truth, deceiving the people, stating diabolical lies raises my wrath. 

Who is an extremist? 

When you think you are in the middle and I am found to speak against your views I am an extremist, right or left. Am I not? The Sinhalese and even some Tamils (mainly such Tamils were in the TNA) have set down a view that this Country is Sinhala Buddhist and that both Sinhalese and Buddhism must receive special status. I have started questioning that view. Therefore I am now called an extremist. The moment it is proved North and East were never Sinhalese and that Buddhism was jettisoned centuries ago by the Tamils, then I become the norm and the Sinhala Buddhists and their Tamil acolytes become extremists. So the word “extremist” depends on the stand point form which I am looked at from. 

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