Wigneswaran tells Bachelet: Lanka’s statecraft is a potential threat to regional peace

Colombo, September 22 (ENCL): C.V. Wigneswaran MP and leader of the Tamil Makkal Thesiya Koottani (TMTK) has said in a letter to Michelle Bachelet Jeria, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, that Sri Lanka’s statecraft is a potential threat to regional peace and development.

“The record of successive administrations demonstrates clearly that the developments you have identified are intrinsic to Sri Lanka’s model of governance. This country’s means of statecraft poses a potential threat to peace and sustainable development in the region,” Wigneswaran told Bachelet.

Referring to the High Commissioner’s statement of 14 September, the former Chief Minister of the Northern Province said that the Tamils sincerely appreciate her understanding of the “Sri Lankan government’s disturbing tendencies—towards lack of institutional independence; appointments of military officials to civilian offices and lack of accountability regarding those officials’ alleged roles in war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.”

These trends are not the failure of a particular Presidency but have been the case right through, he added.


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