Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka attacks US envoy

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka has accused the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka of severely violating diplomatic protocols during an interview with local media.

Issuing a statement, the embassy said the Ambassador from a third country had openly played off China- Sri Lanka relations in the interview. While it’s always not surprising to see the US interfere into a sovereign country’s internal affairs, the general public is still astonished to witness its despicable attempt to manipulate others’ diplomatic relations.

Both China and Sri Lanka as independent countries have full right to develop relations with foreign countries according to our own need and will. How Sri Lanka and China engaged with each other has repeatedly stood the test of time, and the government and the people of Sri Lanka have their own independent and fair judgement on the relations with China.

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka further said the US has no power or obligation to lecture on China- Sri Lanka relations. Such naked hegemony, supremacy and power politics will neither be tolerated by the Chinese nor be accepted by the Sri Lankans. We strongly suggest the US to quit the addiction of preaching others and applying double standards.

“Four simple but helpful advices to our arrogant friend from the other side of the world: Don’t slander other countries’ work in fighting the pandemic while topping the world in COVID-19 cases; Don’t pretend to be the guardian of free trade while violating the World Trade Organization rulings; Don’t hold high the banner of transparency while covering up  its controversial MCC agreement; Don’t smear others’ normal cooperation against sovereignty while bombing foreign countries, occupying overseas military bases and imposing unilateral sanctions” it said.

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka added that all these ridiculous and hypocritical behaviour by the US will only damage its poor international reputation which is already hanging by a thread. (Colombo Gazette)

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