Criticisms of 20A remain unanswered

The Government has admitted that the 20th Amendment is simply a cut and paste job to restore the provisions of the 18th Amendment. While the indecent haste with which the 20th Amendment is being pursued is difficult to understand in the context of the Government’s declared intention of presenting a new Constitution within six months, it also makes the whole process both clumsy as well as lacking in professionalism.

One example of this is the Government announcing that it intends moving amendments to the 20th Amendment at the Committee stage even before the Supreme Court has made its determination on the petitions challenging the 20th Amendment. While the more prudent option would have been to include the intended amendments and regazette the 20th Amendment, it is also an admission that there are glaring deficiencies in the 20th Amendment.

This is probably why politicians who often scramble to take credit even for the achievements of others are fighting shy of taking ownership of the 20th Amendment .

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