The 20A and its constitutional witches cauldron of trouble

Despite all signs to the contrary, it refused to believe that the defeated Rajapaksa bloc would regroup and re-emerge into the political mainstream, stronger than ever after its shock defeat in 2015. Already signs of that self same blindness coupled with arrogance are making themselves felt in this administration. As jokes abound about this nation of nuts with vendors of coconuts being ordered to measure the circumference of a nut before determining the price, we are treated to the ridiculous spectacle of inspectors roaming around marketplaces to catch the unwary.

Even so, the constitutional games that are taking place are not a matter for laughter. As the Attorney General argues before the Supreme Court that what is presented by the draft 20th Amendment is essentially what had already been judicially cleared earlier at one or the other stages of Sri Lanka’s tortuous constitutional making, that same argument is challenged by the fact that a series of amendments to the 20th Amendment Bill have been put by the Attorney General before Court

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