Sirisena tells Easter Attacks PCoI: I did not appoint an Acting President or Defence Minister

Sirisena did not feel the need to appoint an Acting Minister of Defence when he went abroad on 16 April 2019, especially since it was the Sinhala and Hindu New Year season. Sirisena responded by saying that while in some cases Acting Ministers are appointed, often however, they are not. Also, a member of the Commission again queried him as to whether it did not seem to be a violation of the Constitution to not act in accordance with the appointment of an Acting Minister as mentioned in the Constitution. 

In response, Sirisena said the Constitution does not mandate that it be done. Meanwhile, a member of the Commission questioned him as to whether he had gone abroad on 16 April 2019 due to some illness. In response, Sirisena said he had been receiving medical treatment from Singapore for a long time. In response to a question as to whether the Prime Minister should have been entrusted with the Acting President position in such a case, the witness said he was not seriously ill.

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