Don’t build a wall around Sri Lanka; build bridges to connect us with the world

  • SJB MP Dr. Harsha de Silva says in adjournment debate in Parliament on ‘International Agreements’ that mixed messaging has left people confused with the economic development model Govt. envisages
  • Says country should have clear and unified vision to achieve in terms of socio-economic development
  • Says international agreements today is not cast in terms of comparative advantage of mutual benefit, but cast in terms of conspiracy theories
  • Discloses Mahinda Rajapaksa, when he was President wrote directly to US President Bush asking him, “Please give us the MCC”
  • Says he was called a raw agent when he introduced the ‘1990 Suwasariya’ Ambulance service

I wish to take a broad perspective on today’s Adjournment Motion to establish a foundation for this debate.

It is 72 years since Sri Lanka became an independent nation. And for 72 years, successive governments, including the present one, have pledged to develop Sri Lanka’s economy. Yet, this promise has remained elusive, and still remains elusive. Various explanations are always given. Each new government blames the one before.

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