There’s something fishy when voting for free

Sri Lanka’s voters do have short memories. Just turn the pages of time in the history of local politics and we will see how former heads of state Sirimavo Bandaranaike and JR Jayewardene abused power with the intention of becoming ever so powerful.

Mrs Bandaranaike who came to power with a 2/3 rd majority extended her reign from five to six years sans a referendum.

President Jayewardene brought in the executive presidency and prevailed over the rest of the ministers of his Cabinet.

Mahinda Rajapaksa brought in the 18th Amendment to the Constitution with the intention of being president for life.

Now we are seeing the fourth episode of what can be best described as ‘the drama of power hungry dictatorship’

And what’s of concern is that the majority of people were in the frame of mind to prepare milk rice and serve it to people on the road on the day the 20th A was passed.

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