Those who voted for 20A betrayed the people – Bakeer Markar

By Udeni Saman Kumara 

With the Government having passed the 20th Amendment to the Constitution with a two-thirds majority, the Opposition has been defeated again. As the main Opposition what have you got to say about this?

A: It has to be said at the outset that it was not the Opposition that was defeated but the people. With the ratification of this new Bill, its consequences would be there for all to see before long.

With eight SJB MPs voting for the Bill does it not indicate that cracks have begun to appear in your alliance?

A: I look at this as another episode in Lanka’s deal politics. Another drama of this episode was enacted in Parliament last Thursday. Some of these MPs had shouted that they were opposed to a dictatorial Constitution. They had even displayed banners and posters as well. But, when it came to the vote they did an about turn and it has to be stressed that they did not betray the SJB but the very people who had voted for them at the last election.

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