President Nandasena Issues Chilling Warning To Opposition: “I Killed Prabhakaran Like A dog – I Can Become That Person”

Irked by a critical parliamentary speech by an opposition MP, President Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday showed chilling flashes of his old self in Ampara vowing to become “Defence Secretary Gotabaya” if necessary.

Issuing a not-so-veiled threat against SJB MP Harin Fernando, President Rajapaksa warned that Buddhist monks were always telling him to stop being “President Gotabaya” and take on the “stricter” role of “Defence Secretary”.

“Remember when Prabhakaran started his tricks and attacked me at the Pittala Junction? I finished that job by killing him and sprawling him out like a dog and bringing him across the Nandikadal Lagoon – I can be that person too” the President of Sri Lanka told a crowd who applauded his statements.

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