“When Devil Rules …”

By Ameer Ali –

Dr. Ameer Ali

Pei aracandal pinam thinnum caththirankal (when devil rules scholarship eats cadavar), wrote the famous Tamil poet Bharathi, in his memorable Panchali Cabatham. He was referring to the silence of the learned at Dhuriyothana’s court, when the ruler’s brother Dhuchchathana dragged Pandavas’ wife Dhrawpatha by her hair to be stripped in front of everyone. It was Lord Krishna who protected her, which eventually became casus belli for the Battle of Dharma in Mahabaratha. 

When one witnesses the callous indifference towards and outright dismissal of scientific truths, recommended by expert virologists and epidemiologists on the permissibility of burying Corona infected dead bodies, by a regime controlled by a cabal of ultra-ethnonationalists, one is amazed at the relevance of Bharathi’s prophetic lines to the current situation in Sri Lanka. All that the Muslim community (and Christians for that matter) demanded, was to allow them to observe their scripturally implied religious and human right to bury their Corona infected victims. The world of science backs their demand, but the President, his Prime Minister and all but one of their ministers, whose positions and power depend on the backing of an anti-Muslim and anti-minorities supremacist cabal, are prepared to dump scientific truths and admit politically manufactured opinions to cremate all infected bodies.    

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