What Can Nandasena Learn From Donald’s Demise?

By Kumar David –

Prof. Kuma David

He hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts

And put down the mighty from their seats. (Luke 1:51-52)

Madmen have been Emperors, Kings and Presidents; Caligula, George III and Idi Amin who allegedly chopped up his Chief Justice Kabimu Kiwanuka, preserved body parts in a fridge and ate them at leisure. And of course we had our own Pissu Sira though not as crazy as these. Jan 6 in Washington DC is surprising not as a mentally deranged and debauched villain elected to the US presidency but that 138 lawmakers (Congress-persons and Senators) lied about the integrity US election administrators and knowingly fibbed of cheating during counting.

Despite being laughed out of the Courts and the Supreme Court these law-makers encouraged an attack on the Capitol. This is like Gota sending rioting mobs to attack Parliament in Kotte when debating a resolution criticising him. See: “Nandasena Issues Chilling Warning to Opposition: “I Killed Prabhakaran Like a dog” – Colombo Telegraph 10 Jan. A threat to MP Harin Fernando. Two-thirds 2/3 of our parliamentarians are lick-spittle stooges so they have remained mute. In the US calls for violence have intensified ahead of Inauguration Day (20 Jan) and the chatter from emboldened far-right extremists portends that violence will worsen.

What Can Nandasena Learn From Donald’s Demise?

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