Colombo unfazed by possible Western hostility at UNHRC session

The Gotabaya administration has already declared that it will not co-sponsor any resolution against itself. And therefore, any resolution will have to be re-worded, incorporating new content.

The contents of the new resolution will have to take into account, the Tamils’ new and radical demands, new issues like the burial of Muslims who had died of COVID, and of course Colombo’s contention that the Tamil or the Muslim issue is a domestic issue to be solved internally in Sri Lanka without outside interference. Colombo’s argument is that a lasting solution for a national question can be found only through domestic mechanisms and the engagement of the parties directly concerned with the problem uncomplicated by foreign hands or foreign interests.

The Tamil parties’ have  proposed that the UN Security Council and the General Assembly take up the Tamil case and refer the matter to the International Criminal Court (ICC) or any other international accountability mechanism to inquire into allegations of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Tamils are also asking for a UN evidence gathering mechanism such as the one set up in the case of Syria with a 12-month timeframe to finish its work.

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