Kamala and Rohini: The Indo-Lankan combo in the US Vice President’s Office

Washington, January 20 (BBC): Kamala Devi Harris, born to a Jamaican Economist and an Indian Tamil cancer researcher, will make history when she takes the oath of office on Wednesday, becoming the first woman and first black and South Asian American to serve as US vice-president. Harris’ Domestic Policy Advisor is Rohini Kosoglu, daughter of a medical doctor of Sri Lankan Tamil origin. This is the first Indo-Lankan-American combo in the history of the White House.

Here’s what awaits Ms Harris in her new job: What does a vice-president do? Historically speaking, not a lot. It has been described as the least understood, most ridiculed and most often ignored constitutional role in the federal government, and for a long time it stayed that way.

“The role of the vice-president was, frankly, to just be that heartbeat away from the president,” said Barbara Perry, the director of presidential studies at the University of Virginia’s Miller Centre. Unless the president died, or was seriously ill, the vice-president’s job was largely to sit around and wait.

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