Let’s go for 13 Plus

India wants the 13th. Fine. If it is believed that repealing the 13th is out of order, then we could keep it but under a different provincial map

The LLRC recommended devolution but interjected the important caveat, ‘agreeable to all communities,’ a caveat which those who gaily quote this element of the LLRC report happily leave out

The number 13 is thought by some to be unlucky. Some even believe it is associated with evil. The number 13 is associated with Sri Lankan politics and some may say ‘entrenched’ in it or even use the word ‘inextricable.’ We’ve had the 13th Amendment and seven more thereafter but ‘stuck with it’ still applies. Nothing lasts forever and one day we will move on. Not yet, obviously. Not in the foreseeable future? Well, who can tell?

Were we unlucky? For some, the ‘13th’ was a stroke of luck. I can think of two categories of people; those invested in the notion of Indian hegemony in the region and those Eelamists who subscribe to the Chelvanayakam Formula (a little now, more later).  Speculation on luck is fun, but there’s no need to do that. 

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