Why Are Political Blackguards So Often Not Prosecuted?

No ex- president, prime minister, defence secretary or other Cabinet Minister of Sri Lanka has been prosecuted after his side lost an election – or maybe there were just one or two, forgive my ageing memory. Do you recall the blood curdling threats that the 2015 winners issued about crucifying oodles of thieves and gangsters of the previous regime Rajapaksa? Do you remember how the 2019-20 winners swore during the elections that they would prosecute and crucify yahapalana bond-bandits and a nefarious assortment of yahapalana crooks? Nothing happened!

Not one rouge who pocketed countless millions spent one day behind bars. Actually there was one, poor Lalith Weeratunga played forlorn Sydney Carton to his boss’s Charles Draney.

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