73 Years On – The “Neocolonial” Haze

If colonization is the exercise of hegemony, administrative control and the fundamental subjugation of one group of peoples to another, then the question for post-independent Sri Lanka should be whether or not we find remnants of colonialism within our own borders. It calls for an expanded definition of colonialism, beyond the direct or indirect rule of a foreign country. Rather, neocolonialism in the Sri Lankan context is the sustained practice of colonial attitudes, practices and relations that subjugate one group to another under a veil of state hegemony.

Thus, I urge us to move beyond the common classification of Chinese “neocolonialism”, and instead turn our attention towards phenomena that more accurately resembles colonial structures, and that is the proliferation of a biased tourist economy, and the series of land grabs committed by the government against its own people.

Debunking Chinese “neocolonialism” 

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