Protesters heading to Jaffna

It is believed that the government has asked all English tabloids to NOT to cover the protests by the minority in Sri Lanka.

Tamil protesters are marching in large numbers against the government who have received a large scale of minorities supporting it. They are protesting against Rajapakshes Sinhala Buddhists governments racist acts to please the majority Sinhalese.

Changing Hindu Temples to Buddhist Temples with the help of the SL Army..

Large scale Land Grabs by Government

State Sponsored Sinhale Settlement programmes.

Failure to implement the Promised Rs 1,000 wage increase for plantation workers,

Failure to follow a UN call to allow burial of those who had died from COVID-19

In Support of the UN report on Human Rights.

Among the protesters were MPs M. A. Sumanthiran, Govindan Karunakaran and Shanakiyan Rasamanickam and former MPs T. Ariyanethran and Gnanamuttu Srineshan. Hindu, Christian and Muslim religious leaders also joint the protest march which is scheduled to reach Jaffna by Saturday.

Government Supported MPs Douglas, Karuna and Angajan Ramanathan refused to comment on the forceful change of Hindu Temple to Buddhist temple due to their closeness with government forces and fear of loosing the personal benefits.

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