Military Takeover Of Jaffna’s Cultural Hall: Sinhalese Army To Lead Tamil Cultural Revival?

In a tripartite agreement between the Government of India, Government of Sri Lanka and the Jaffna Municipal Council, Jaffna was gifted an SLRs. 2000 million Cultural Hall. The said hall has been ready for over six months but is not operational for lack of funds for staff, telephones etc.. It was poor planning from beginning to end. The sri Lankan government that gives that as an excuse to keep the centre shut, in a shocking move that has just come to light somehow has found the funds for the army to run the Cultural Centre.

In a letter dated 26 Jan. 2021, S.T. Kodikara, Secretary, State Ministry of National Heritage, Performing Arts and Rural Arts Promotion, has written to Secretary, Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs, to say

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