P2P Highlights Issues Needing In Internal Resolution To Prevent Escalation

By Jehan Perera –

Jehan Perera

The five day march from the eastern town of Pottuvil to the northern capital of Jaffna, given the name P2P-Pottuvil to Polikandi march, came to a peaceful end having made its point to the people of the north and east and to the international community.

The culmination of the march in Jaffna saw large crowds participating. But the point was largely lost in the rest of the country where the focus of attention was on other matters such as Independence Day celebrations.

The government needs to do the heeding. The marchers had slogans that, among others called for the need to ascertain the fate of missing persons, to permit events held in their memory and return of land taken over for security purposes during the war.

There was also the issue of LTTE suspects who have been held for over a decade without being subjected to legal processes.

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