Wrecking The Opposition To Serve Nandasena!

By Kumar David –

Prof. Kuma David

Imagine this scenario. A house is on fire, people of the neighbourhood rush to throw buckets of water, others carry water from nearby, still others help rescue trapped children. Then a brainless coot shouts at a helper: “You are a lousy lawyer, you lose cases: Get Out don’t douse the fire!” and screams at woman guiding children out: “You’re a horrible woman: You stole eggs from the house next door: I don’t want you to rescue children; let them burn, go away!” Is it not possible this dumbo is an agent of the arsonist bent on stoking the flames?

There is an attempt by the Executive to erode democratic rights, enhance authoritarianism and push towards militarism. Concerned citizens, political parties, civil society and others realise that an effort by everyone is needed if the push back is to be effective. Then low and behold a self-appointed, or maybe a Sajith appointed dumbo booms out: “What a dumb idea to let you help: Get out, we – presumably dumbo and Sajith – don’t want you!” The “you” in the outburst may be Ranil now, next it will be Tamils and the Muslims and third maybe the JVP and or whoever does not fit dumbo’s fancy. There is a golden rule in united actions against a common enemy: “March separately, strike together”. This means, sure, different organisations if they so prefer can retain their separate identities, but in the face of common danger everyone acts together. In the heat of battle the emphasis is not on your mother’s dowry, the elections some fool lost, or on 1971 or 1989.

It is not on the murder of Richard de Zoysa by someone’s father. The emphasis at the height of battle, till the dictator is halted, is on unified action to defeat a common enemy.

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